From Homes and Offices to Film sets and Yachts

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Although often overlooked - Network Cabling is Connectivity

Your Internet connectivity to your PC, Laptop, Smart TV or IP CCTV camera
relies on quality structured data cabling.


Quality Cable Counts

You can have the fastest internet connection, and the best Servers and Smart TV’s, but they can suffer poor speeds or even not connect at all when connected via poor quality cable installations.

Poor WiFi Speeds?

Using shielded network cable to connect high speed access points and high power point-to-point wireless links to your network increases bandwidth throughput and reduces noise.

Tidy Cabling is easy on the eye

Tidy cabling doesn’t only look better, but makes fault finding later easier too. We take pride in our installs, favouring cable runs that are aesthetically pleasing rather than taking the easiest route.

We Can Help with all your CAT6 and Fibre Cabling Requirements


CAT5/CAT6 Structured Cabling

Whether you just need a new network point added to your home or business premises, or you’re moving a server room from one side of the building to another, we can help with all your structured cabling needs.

We have installed structured data cabling just about everywhere you can think of – from homes and office blocks, to churches and sailing yachts. Our engineers are fully equipped with all the tools they need to install cabling quickly and cleanly wherever you might need it.


Fibre Internet

When you need the highest possible network speeds at the far regions of your office or campus, fibre optic cable is the answer.

We can supply and install fibre optic cable throughout your premises – wherever it is needed and terminate into patch panels or media converters to link your copper based structured cabling.

Find out how Grapevine can get you Connected

Get all types of copper and fibre cabling installed : Anywhere.


If you need wireless network infrastructure we can help.

We Make Enterprise Wifi Easy

We offer a complete Enterprise wifi service, from on site surveys to best locate each access point to extending physical cabling to those locations – we can make sure you get the best possible wireless connection everywhere.

Long Distance Links

We have lots of experience of wirelessly linking buildings and office locations with point to point wifi – no matter what the distance. We also offer cellular as a backup to point to point links – keeping you connected no matter what.

Large Scale WiFi Deployments

We have project managed the surveys and deployment of hundreds of WiFi access points into retail locations across the country. If you have a large scale WiFi deployment planned get in touch to learn how we can make it easy.

Outdoor Wireless

Delivering fast broadband speeds in challenging locations is often achieved by using outdoor fixed wireless installations.

We have delivered high speed broadband to many remote and temporary locations using outdoor fixed wireless equipment. Construction sites, roadworks and marinas all require high speed internet connectivity, and all benefit from point to point and point to multipoint wireless.

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Wireless Backhaul

A great option when there is no fixed line internet availability or cellular coverage at a location.

We are frequently called on to provide temporary and permanent wireless backhaul solutions for those locations that are without fixed line internet connectivity and/or cellular coverage. These are typically locations that are in geographical cellular shadows (like businesses in valleys) or deep within industrial buildings where typical internet connectivity methods provide very low speeds or are completely unavailable.



We offer innovative IP and Analogue CCTV Cabling Solutions

Unlock the Power of Your CCTV system

View, manage and share CCTV footage from anywhere, at any time.

View From Anywhere

View, manage and share
CCTV footage from anywhere
at any time from any camera

Live View and Alerts

Stream Cameras Live, use
Motion Activated Recording
Get email alerts

Use any camera - even analogue CCTV

The cloudview VNA supports
IP and Analogue CCTV

Deploy CCTV Anywhere

Rapid Temporary Deployment
of IP CCTV anywhere over
cellular and WiFI using our

Transform your CCTV and be the first to know when something happens by upgrading to the Internet-enabled Cloudview system. Event-triggered alerts, live views of CCTV feeds and recorded footage are available for review, wherever and whenever you want via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Find out how we deploy CCTV Anywhere Easily

Using cellular connectivity and structured cabling.


We have experience of the simplest of single site single device installs, right through to multi-location secure VPN WAN infrastructures. Whatever your routing or switching needs - we can help.