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Business Support

We offer a comprehensive business support service, from desktop and server support to network, virtualisation, and configuration management. We can help with all aspects of running a business, from supporting the latest Windows and Linux operating systems to helping with DR planning and backups. Our support contracts are typically based on the number of machines to be covered and/or the number of applications to be supported. We also offer a per-incident rate, or a package deal for emergency situations (Disaster Recovery support or an active anti-virus infection), or a one-time project cost.

Desktop Support

The humble desktop computer has evolved significantly since its mass adoption into the workplace, but it’s importance is still as vital as ever. An estate of badly-performing workstations can be the biggest source of workplace stress, and can also pose a significant risk to data security and integrity. To combat these threats to your data, we offer a Desktop Support service that covers all things associated with desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Infrastructure Support

The infrastructure is usually one of the most interesting and sometimes complex areas of a business. Whether it’s servers, hypervisors, SANs, switches, Fibre Channel or monitoring all the nodes within a WAN, we have the skills and the solution that’s right for you, all wrapped up in a transparent and controlled change process. We work with you so that you know what’s going on, giving you all the control you need to ensure that your business is up when you need it.

Configuration Management

We have seen the difference that good configuration management makes, especially when planning upgrades and securing computers against abuse.  It is also a requirement by many standards (ISO 270001) for a company to record their assets. We can help with configuration management for your company, including network discovery sweeps, rack and network diagrams, data-flow diagrams, and asset records.  We can also assist with gold image builds, establishing a Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) and preparing to adopt ITIL.

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