Unified Video Surveillance Management

Easily scale your IP surveillance network from 1 to hundreds of high performance devices across multiple locations.

Grapevine can supply and install the next generation of cameras designed for use in both the day time and night. This is made possible by 1080p Full HD cameras that can deliver a superior clarity and peace of mind to you and your business.


Feature-Packed User Interface

Accessible from any web browser, the cloud hosted controller was designed to be easy to use yet packed with advanced features. The interface is incredibly intuitive and loaded with powerful features such as detailed statistical reporting, multiple views, versatile camera settings, advanced analytics, and customizable event recordings.

Complete Remote Management

Automatic camera detection in the controller software makes it easy to manage cameras. Configure camera settings, reboot the camera, or upgrade the firmware from the controller interface.

Camera-Based Motion Detection

Our cameras handle motion detection instead of the server, relieving the workload on the server and ensuring that compression and noise won’t affect motion detection.

Additional Live Views

Playlists can be created with a configurable live camera feed rotation. Define the cameras you want included in the playlist and how long you want them to appear on the screen before moving on to the next live feed.

Mobile App

Access and view your cameras from anywhere in the world with the powerful app that is available on iOS and Android™.
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