Point to Point

Wireless Backhaul

A great option when there is no fixed line internet availability or cellular coverage at a location. We are frequently called on to provide temporary and permanent wireless backhaul solutions for those locations that are without fixed line internet connectivity and/or cellular coverage. These are typically locations that are in geographical shadows (like businesses in valleys) or deep within industrial buildings where typical internet connectivity methods provide very low speeds or are completely unavailable.

Our Suppliers

We work with a few suppliers and can provide point to point equipment capable of delivering data at gigabyte speeds with high throughput. We use Ubiquity carrier products which operate on the standard 2/5GHZ range but can also propose high speed solutions from Siklu that can deliver point to point links up to 7 Kilometres.


Siklu is a recognised leader and innovator in milometer wave technology since 2011.  The equipment is a future proof solution for next generation networks. The Fibre-like wireless, with speeds up to 5Gbps, uses the 60/65GHz and 70/80GHz bands.  These frequencies are underutilised so there is minimal Interference which enables us to offer fast good quality links for data and voice.
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