Network Infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure. Anywhere.


Structured Cabling

Tidy cabling doesn’t only look better, but makes fault finding later easier too. We take pride in our installs, favouring cable runs that are aesthetically pleasing rather than taking the easiest route.

WiFi Deployments

We have project managed the surveys and deployment of hundreds of WiFi access points into retail locations across the country. If you have a Business or Public WiFi deployment planned get in touch to learn how we can make it easy.

Our Cloud Environment

At Grapevine we host our customer servers in our VMware environment in two UK data centres. We can host your PBX and connectivity applications in our data centre, so that you don’t have to worry about hardware limitations, updates and all the other implications of hosting services on your own server infrastructure.


We can install surveillance cameras for a single site or complex. We can store content locally or on our cloud servers. Our systems can be remotely managed and accessed using a powerful app.

Our Case Studies


Find out about the work we have done for our clients.


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