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Marina & Yacht WiFi 

Internet solutions, phone systems,

On-board WIFI & more for Boats, Yachts & other Sea Vessels 

The benefits of great WiFi speak for themselves, gone are the days of being offline and out of reach while at sea are no longer. Thanks to massive strides in connectivity for the Marine industry, Grapevine can get your sea vessel online and connected 


from coast-to-coast all year around. For Marinas we provide shore side comm’s solution coupled with WIFI products to deliver access points for moored boats and staff.

Marina & Yacht Wireless Installations

A range of on-board internet and WIFI solutions for boats, yachts and sea vessels.

VOIP solutions for Marinas & Yachts

Phone systems and handsets for crew communications at sea.


Yacht CCTV & Network Infrastructure

CCTV for Super Yachts, networking cabling engineering and cloud backup solutions.

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Yacht WIFI Routers

With a range of external and internal routers, we can connect you with the option that best fits your needs.

External routers are weather proof and offer resistance to the elements while at sea, can be attached to most masts or mounted within bow cockpit areas. Combined with our high gain antennas provide powerful coverage in otherwise low connectivity areas for optimal on-deck internet

Internal routers, offer the best solution for you on-board. They can be mounted in multiple ways in your Stern cockpits or cabins. Available in dome shaped and boxed routers, there is a form to fit your boat size and design.

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Supplying internet and WIFI based solutions can prove a real challenge. Marina locations in the UK are often in low signal and mobile coverage areas and architectural factors present an additional obstacle to outlaying network reception.

We have worked with a number of Marina’s each with their own unique challenges. Through wireless backhauling we can also offer temporary and permanent wireless solutions in the most obscure locations without fixed line internet connectivity and/or cellular coverage.

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Fixed & Wireless Phone Systems & Handsets

3CX offers the most versatile communications platform for your crew. This feature rich unified communications platform provides a seamless platform for internal communications between staff members including email and voicemails and scalable solution to support external calling for your guests.

You can add additional extensions per room and stay in touch with your team, on mobile in and out of shifts all in one.

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CCTV, Network Optimisation & More

4K & HD surveillance cameras with two-way audio functionality and weather resistant hardware are just some of the CCTV options we can equip you with.

If you are looking to improve networking capabilities on board or between fleets we have a host of world class networking solutions to fit your setup.

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