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Unified Communication gives you the freedom to operate your business from the office, on the road, at multi-sites or remotely from home. With a secure UC platform, customers and colleagues can reach you no matter where you are. This gives you greater flexibility, greater scalability and a competitive edge.

If you are still relying on a legacy, wire-based phone system, chances are your employees currently lack the business communications tools they need to perform optimally. To put your employees in the best possible situation to succeed, one of the most effective ways to do this is by deploying a sophisticated software-based phone system with unified communications (UC) features, such as:


When employees have the ability to view colleagues’ statuses, they can avoid wasting time attempting to reach those who are offline or otherwise unavailable. With presence, your employees know immediately who is reachable and on what communications channels.

Using the smartphone app when on the road you can also see who is on the phone back at the office, and when they are free you can call them using their 3 or 4 digit internal extension number. When you step into a meeting, you can change your presence to let your colleagues know and choose what will happen to any inbound calls whilst you’re busy.



UC solutions allow your employees to take their company extension with them anywhere they go, so they’ll never miss important client calls that come into their office phone. Additionally, rather than having to keep track of various mobile phone numbers, mobile solutions make life easier for office workers by allowing them to simply take a quick peek at a company directory and a 3-digit extension to reach colleagues no matter where they are.

When out and about, calls can either be forwarded to your mobile number, or if you have the 3CX app installed on your Android or iPhone device, directly to the soft client using your data connection meaning free calls to and from your mobile using your business geographical numbers.


Unified Messaging

With UC, all voicemails, emails and faxes can be delivered to a single inbox that can be reached without having to call into a cumbersome company system. So rather than having to check for important messages in several different places, employees can get the information they need delivered to one easy-to-access location.

Single Number Point of Contact

Using 3CX’s advanced call management and forwarding features, you can always be available on a single work number number, no matter where you are. When in the office, at home or anywhere in the world with a wired VoIP handset, 3CX can make your desk phone ring when a local geographic number is called, routing the call through to the right location based on your presence and logged in status.

If you are already on a call, you decide what should happen to new callers, who can be directed to voice mail (with the messages sent on to email), to a colleague or put on hold until you are free to speak with them.

And there's more...

UC does more than improve productivity in the office; it also makes life easier and increases job satisfaction for workers when they feel empowered to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Specialising in Unified Communications, Grapevine delivers solutions to make your business more empowered; employees are more productive, operation costs are reduced. Whether you are a small business or multi-site operation, we have a solution to suit you.

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