3CX Live Chat: Linus vs. Jake!

Do you recall a hilarious phone maze of customers in hopes of getting personal IT tech support from Linus himself? Well, if so – you’re in for a treat! Linus Tech Tips takes the revamped 3CX Live Chat for yet another spin. But this time with a plot-twist – he’s not doing it alone.

Alongside his buddy Jake, they go head-to-head to see who can resolve the most tickets in an hour. Who do you think will win?

Get to see them transfer calls and elevate to video to resolve complex issues… or in this case, Linus & Jake sabotaging each other to get more points. And let’s not forget Jake’s 15-minute computer overheating fiasco. It is definitely worth a watch.

Get Live and Chatty

Jokes aside, did you know that 75% of people prefer live chat to any other means of communication? In most cases, however, live chat systems are yet another obstacle to prolonging resolution times. But not with 3CX Live Chat!

This solution offers website visitors the option to chat, call, or video call directly from the chat bubble via the browser! Meaning no additional call charges for the visitor or the company, no ads, and no monthly subscriptions. Easy as pie and fully set up in just a few minutes.

Check out more information on how we, as Platinum 3CX partners, can get you set up with 3CX in no time.

Source: 3CX.com