3CX Kicks off 2023 with 23 Badges in G2 Report

What a great start to the year! 3CX has bagged 23 badges in the G2 Winter 2023 report. With recognition across the board, 3CX was named a ‘Leader’ in VoIP, Contact Center, CCI and Video Conferencing categories in the latest assessment of the top-ranked software products.

The review website helps potential buyers navigate a crowded software solution market by analyzing user feedback. Listed here are the top placements:

G2 Winter 2023 AwardsMid-Market

  • Leader in VoIP, Contact Center, CCI, Video Conferencing and Live Chat
  • ‘Leader in Europe’ in VoIP, Contact Center, CCI, Video Conferencing and Live Chat
  • ‘Users Most Likely To Recommend’ and ‘Easiest To Use’ in Mid-Market UCaaS Platforms
  • ‘Best Estimated ROI’ in CCI
  • ‘Easiest Admin’ in Mid-Market Call Center Infrastructure (CCI)
  • ‘High performer’ across UCaaS Platforms


  • Leader Across Small Business VoIP and Contact Center solutions
  • ‘Easiest to Use’, ‘Highest User Adoption’ and ‘High Performance’ in Video Conferencing


  • ‘Easiest Setup’, ‘Best Estimated ROI’, ‘Highest User Adoption’, ‘Best Meets Requirements’ and ‘High Performer’ in VoIP


  • High Performer in the UK in VoIP and Video Conferencing
  • Users Love Us

Haven’t left a review yet? Head over to the 3CX profile and write your review to contribute.

About G2

G2.com Inc., the largest software review website, is a source of peer-to-peer feedback for more than 5.5 million active users. Their reports are notorious for providing real-time summary of customer word-of-mouth and helping buyers handpick the best software solutions.

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Source: 3CX.com

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