Phone Systems for staff, point-to-point connectivity and networking for Multiple Factory Sites

Integrating your connectivity, communication & infrastructure services through a single service provider with added support, could greatly boost the efficiency between your respective factory or industrial sites, and save your IT department a tonne of grief.

Grapevine has worked with a wide scope of clientele looking for a comprehensive telecom provider to tunnel their phone systems, networking solutions and internet down a single fully managed and supported pipeline. The effects boost internal productivity and operations almost overnight.


Fast internet, improved bandwidth and WIFI extension between multiple business sites.


Reduce call charges drastically by upgrading your current system and replace outdated phone hardware.



Proficient networking on large sites

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Internet Anywhere

Large and multi-site operations may often experience WIFI coverage black-spots and extending internet coverage across your sites can prove more challenging than expected.

Combining various access point and wireless technology Grapevine can assist you in extending your WIFI coverage across your sites or even completely upgrade your existing solution if need. There are also multiple fail-over products which we can plug onto your existing setup.

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From dedicated gigabyte speed point-to-point connections capable of sending data between sites up to 7 KM away to Wireless backhaul solutions for those locations that are without fixed line internet connectivity and/or cellular coverage;

We deliver comprehensive point-to-point solutions for businesses. 

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3CX: Unified Communications

This software-based PBX, unifies your entire business communications in the cloud.

-Integrating your business contacts, emails and voicemails whilst giving you peace of mind when scaling with additional sites as you do not pay-per-user.

-User-presence indicators give you transparency on who is available and with cloud hosting, there is no upgrading of legacy hardware.

-Migrating your existing ISDN lines is seamless and new extensions can be added whenever you require.  Not only do you save on unnecessary added support charges through our support service, but outbound call charges are drastically reduced.

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Handsets & Cloud hosting

Move your existing PBX to a cloud hosted service with minimal disruption. We can assist with line migrations and porting to reduce your call rates and improve communication efficiency internally and with your clients.

We also offer DECT phone hardware as well as a number of wireless phone systems and over-ear solutions along with IOS and Android mobile phones.

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Software defined wide-area-networking is fast becoming the go-to solution for businesses looking to improve their network infrastructure across multiple offices and sites.

Accessing and routing information seamlessly across your sites is just one of the benefits of SD-WAN.
This networking product can integrate within your existing connectivity, is easier to manage and provides enhanced scalability across your sites for future expansion.

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Structured Cabling

Your data and network infrastructure could drastically effect the efficiency of your hardware and network performance. and cabling to and from that hardware throughout your premises.

Larger sites sending and receiving large files in high frequency may require fibre optic cable for optimal performance, but there are a range of cabling solutions available for your sites.

As certified cabling engineers we can assist you in optimising or upgrading the cabling in your building. From fibre-optic to cat5e.

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