Software-Defined Wide Area Networking


What is SD-WAN

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is an advanced architecture developed to simplify the branch office networking and achieve optimal application performance by leveraging a centrally controlled and managed wide-area-networking virtualisation.

Compared to conventional WANs, SD-WAN delivers improved network agility and cost reduction. Software-Defined WAN originates from Software-Defined Networking (SDN), which main function is to abstract the network hardware and transport respective characteristics from the applications that use the network.

What is the difference between SD-WAN & WAN

Similar to server virtualisation which abstracts the root physical hardware from the logical virtual servers that run on it, WAN virtualisation is where a logical WAN connection (to either the Internet or between branch offices) can use multiple underlying connectivity technologies (like xDSL, MPLS, cellular and fiber) at the same time but presents this connectivity to users and applications as a single direct to Internet or secure site to site connection.

Smarter WAN
SD-WAN is capable of monitoring area-network health and quality, then using those metrics to make intelligent decisions on traffic flow in an application.

The Benefits of SD-WAN:


  • RTS like VoIP and video data can be transported via the lowest latency link.
  • Intelligent failover and active/active configurations can be used to guarantee reliability even when a WAN link fails.
  • For additional agility WAN Connections can be added if and when required.

There is no need to human intervention as all traffic within the respective application is directed automatically by the pre-defined software rules set on the machine.

Advanced Management & Monitoring

You can provisioned, monitor and manage your Branch Office from your central-hub by using a SD-WAN controller which gives network administrators full-access control over their WANs and remote devices through a single interface.

Intricate VPN configurations which connect hundreds of branch offices can be designed and deployed automatically, whilst giving you real time view of WAN performance of all offices.


Air-tight VPN

SD-WAN uses encrypted VPN to provide branches with secure, local network access to cloud managed resources. SD-WAN improves VPN speeds and over-head costs of each of these offices by fusing multiple connections into a single logical WAN connection.

SD-WAN also provides the ability to offload public Internet traffic at the network edge, reducing traffic sent through the VPN.



Peplink SD-WAN

Peplink SD-WAN supports not only branch office and datacentre connectivity, but mobile, outdoor, and body worn applications too.

Through the power-of-Peplink you can extend your enterprise wide-area-networking to vehicles, temporary business sites, and create personal area networks over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi as WAN connectivity which can be completely managed and monitored from a central-hub and is capable of using multiple WAN links at the same time.

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How Do I know I need SD-WAN?

If you have a business with multiple office sites locally and abroad all taping into a singular private network, then you SD-WAN could definitely be of great benefit to you.

Is SD-WAN better than MPLS?

Aside from the superior security that SD-WAN offers, another main benefits of SD-WAN over MPLS, is that it utilises broadband and 4G which is far less expensive than MPLS

What is the difference between WAN & VPN

A wide-area-network is your Cable or DSL connection to the Internet, whereas a, VPN, is a secure tunnel between two respective networks that facilitating private traffic from applications to flow from one network to another. VPNs are a WAN or over a LAN.

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