Temporary Internet

We specialise in temporary, rapid and mobile internet connectivity and can supply cellular internet connectivity for any type of fixed or mobile deployment.

Cellular LTE

Grapevine enables you to get online quickly and efficiently using cellular LTE internet; either as a temporary solution until fixed lines can be installed, or as a more permanent deployment where connectivity is more of a challenge or cost prohibitive. Plus, our devices support multiple SIMs which will automatically fail over to the strongest network – great for keeping you online when you’re on the move or in event of network failure.

Getting Ready

We carry out pre-deployment surveys to check which network will give you the best coverage before sending out your pre-configured cellular router – leaving you to simply plug in to connect to the internet or send an engineer to site to carry out an advanced installation.

High Data User? No Problem…

Grapevine have supplier agreements in place with multiple networks. We monitor network performance and data throughput to limit expensive overages. We have tariffs available with the key networks and can supply sims with enough data for your organisation.

SIM and Device Management

Data tariffs are available for your peace of mind; all managed service devices are monitored by our in-house support team, who will remotely check your data throughput, device performance and troubleshoot any issues.
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