Education & School Telecom Solutions:
Network Setups, WIFI Extensions and Phone Systems

Harnessing developments in technology and networking, education throughout the UK has come a long way. Class rooms are becoming smarter and the demand on online based work and assignments is increasing. If your school or tertiary institute is utilising wireless solutions and smart-device based learning, your network

infrastructure needs to be robust to support the demand of your students and teachers alike. Grapevine offers a range of solutions to support your school’s needs, so you can assess information, upload and send files faster across your network, connect multiple sites and stay in touch with members across your team on site and off.


Super-Fast Broadband & WIFI Solutions, Point-to-Point technology and more.


Unified communications: Phone systems, web-conferencing, emails, instant messaging, whiteboards all in one.



Cabling solutions from your data cabinet throughout your premises & CCTV solutions.

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Internet Anywhere

From WIFI hotspots to extending WIFI from site to site,
we have solutions to support any internet-based need for your school.

These solutions can be utilised to get your school online for distant and e-learning or improving your networking capabilities for file sharing.

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Partnering with a number of leading providers we can install point-to-point technology to support backup wireless solutions between sites or extend your network across multiple sites.

If you are looking at connecting multiple schools sites within 7 Kilometers for file sharing and networking, this is the solution for you.

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3CX: Unified Communications

Integrate your entire messaging, online conferencing and phone system into a single platform through unified communications.  Create virtual classrooms and teach remotely.

Team members can take their work extensions with them anywhere and through the phone app see who is available and who is busy. Voicemails, emails and fax information is also delivered to a single inbox.  Collaborate with students and staff through web and audio conferencing, plus much more…

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Looking to upgrade your handsets and physical phones at your school?

We have a range of wireless and desk phones to choose from. Find out more

With 3CX you can take your entire phone system to the cloud; reduce needless wiring and phone cables on your site and leverage the versatility of unified communications.

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Software defined wide-area-networking connects students and users to software data and interfaces on the cloud across multiple sites effectively.

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Structured Cabling

Does your telecoms cabling need sorting? Structured cabling could do the trick to optimise your data centre or where you access your information from, and complete your organisations cabling infrastructure.

This sophisticated setup boosts network performances and greatly reduces overheads.  

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