Getting The Balance Right…

We are well and truly in the digital age.  A revolution of communication.  The way we work has radically changed, and technology is giving us more freedom to choose how and where we work. 

We are blessed to live here in the South West.  Beautiful beaches, rugged moors, vibrant towns and cities, and rural idyll.  It’s no wonder people and businesses are flocking to share our enviable work-life balance. 

Critical to any business success is communication; with both colleagues and customers.  To be able to contact anyone from anywhere as if you were in the office is a real game-changer.  You don’t need to be at your desk 9-5; home-working, hot-desking and conference calling just makes commercial sense. Not to mention employee well-being and improved productivity that comes along with it. 

But the backbone to running a smooth operation is connectivity.  Things just become easy when you have great internet and can be reached anywhere. 

At Grapevine Connect, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses transform the way they work.  From providing temporary internet whilst waiting for fixed lines to be installed, to implementing feature-rich fully scalable phone systems, we like to do things differently both commercially and technically.  Our innovative approach hasn’t gone unnoticed either, having just been crowned winners of the SMB ICT Comms Business Award. We’ve embraced the ways technology can make us work smarter, how about you?