Office Move Made Simple

Moving office is always a very involved process and can be quite stressful.  With so many things to co-ordinate, sometimes the timescales of moving phone lines, broadband, WiFi and phone systems are overlooked, which can lead to business downtime.

This month, one of our key clients completed their office move into a beautiful converted school house in Cornwall. Thankfully they were super organised and gave us plenty of notice so that we were able to order the necessary fixed line connectivity in plenty of time.

Prior to the office move, Grapevine installed a centralised enterprise WiFi solution to be ready for use as soon as our client moved in.  And thanks to their 3CX Phone system being hosted in our cloud environment, when it came to moving time, all that was required was for staff to pick up their handsets from the old office and plug it in at their new desk.

From our client’s perspective there was minimal fuss and a seamless transition from the old office to the new.  Most importantly though, there was no business downtime, as staff were able to use the phones and internet straight away.

Yet another example of how 3CX phone system is so flexible and offers users more options than they can imagine.