Peplink UBR Series

Unbreakable Connectivity Right Out of the Box

The easiest way to provide unbreakable connectivity to your network.
Connect to multiple mobile networks for better network speed and reliability.

Some of the benefits of Peplink UBR include:

  • Suitable for industrial sector with a rugged design and DIN mounts.
  • 2x LTE modems, 4 SIM slots in total, and an eSIM option for easy carrier switching.
  • 1x Gigabit WAN, 4x Gigabit LAN, and WiFi standard 802.11n.
  • A throughput speed up to 900 Mbps (for UBR Plus) or 150 Mbps (for UBR LTE) and can support up to 60 users.
  • GPS functionality and fleet management features.
  • Supports SpeedFusion VPN, which offers Hot Failover, WAN Smoothing, Bandwidth Bonding, and encryption.
  • Advanced network management with QoS, firewall, web blocking, captive portal, and more.

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