New Home WiFi

  • Instant internet in your new home
  • No need to wait for lengthy landline installation
  • Connect up to 32 devices from our simple 4G Router

Just moved into your new home but have no internet?  We can help…

Grapevine Connect provides 4G WiFi internet solutions to get you online in moments without waiting for a fixed line to be installed.

• Fast 4G LTE Connections for download speeds of up to 150 Mbps

• Supports up to 32 simultaneous WiFi devices

• Micro USB power port enables you to stay connected at home and on the move

• Optional external high-gain antenna available to maximise signal strength

If you’re unsure about 4G coverage in your area, our FREE signal survey is a great place to start. We can help with:

· Signal strength testing

· Identifying best location for your router

· See if external antennas will give you a boost



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What is structured cabling?

structured cabling system is the term used to describe a comprehensive telecomms infrastructure which encompasses all cabling and related hardware. It provides both phone and data solutions.

A successful structured cabling system should be robust with predictable performance, as well as being flexible enough to incorporate offices moves, upgrades and changes.

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Our structured cabling solutions


Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat6A Structured Cabling

Whether you just need a new network point added to your business premises, or you’re installing 1000’s of points and moving a server room from one side of the building to another, we can help with all your structured cabling needs.

Fibre optic cabling

When you need the highest possible network speeds and long-distance links at the far regions of your office or campus, fibre optic cable is the answer.


Our engineers can also maintain and install multi pair voice links, external and underground cabling that is still widely used on large campuses and holiday resorts. One of our recent project involved installing duct grade CAT5 to fibre linked distribution cabinets. This was used to transport data for WIFI access points and IP TV.

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Whether you need to be online quickly, or just need internet access for a specific period, Grapevine Connect will get you connected in four easy steps.




Step 1

Choose the term and data bundle you want

Step 2

We’ll send your router with your pre-configured data SIM

Step 3

Simply plug in and connect all your home WiFi devices

Step 4

Contact us to collect your router when you don’t need it anymore

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