Completing Your Business with 5G/LTE or Starlink Internet

Business internet is an internet service many providers offer, dedicated to enterprise operations. While business internet, depending on the provider, is delivered in a variety of options, many service providers and networks are leveraging wireless connectivity. And within the business scene, 5G/LTE and satellite internet such as Starlink are becoming more prominent wireless options.

Cutting the Cord for Your Business Internet

Wireless connections for business are becoming more popular mainly due to the mobility it offers. While fixed lines such as DSL are more conventional, these networks would require a fixed infrastructure. Wireless connections allow enterprises to set up networks in a wider variety of locations.

Satellite Internet: Starlink

Satellite internet has been growing rapidly as a connection option. Just introduced a few years prior, many users have begun to incorporate Starlink into their network using a Starlink kit comprising a satellite dish and a modem. And now, Starlink Business offers the same services for enterprises.

One of Starlink’s key differentiating features is its coverage. While most connectivity options are faced with an area limit, satellite internet theoretically provides connectivity at any of the world’s coordinates. However, the caveat being that the satellite dish in use needs to have an unobstructed view of the sky.

Mobile Network: 5G/LTE

5G/LTE has now become very common among business internet plans.  Businesses just need a router and SIM card to connect to one of several cellular networks. Because of its prevalence, service providers offer 5G/LTE plans for both primary and failover internet.

Using 5G/LTE provides flexibility for businesses with workplaces that are on-the-move or temporary. Additionally, 5G/LTE business internet offers users faster connection speeds with lower latency at an inexpensive price.

Will One Replace the Other?

Both Starlink and 5G/LTE are popular options and have been pitted in competition with the other. Many have already posed the question whether one will replace the other in terms of connectivity. However, more than eliminating another connectivity option, Peplink can leverage both for a more reliable connection.

For businesses that use either wired connections or Starlink, a Peplink router and a 5G/LTE business internet plan supplements the network by providing an avenue for the network to fail over to in the event the primary link drops.

And in reverse, mobile businesses can use a Peplink device with an affordable 5G/LTE business internet plan as a primary connection, while still acting as a modem for Starlink as a secondary channel. In remote locations where cellular towers are not within reach, Peplink seamlessly transfers traffic to the Starlink connection.

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