Business Internet: Building Better Business Networks

Most businesses are in constant pursuit of building better networks. They leverage the Internet for day-to-day operations, such as communications, ecommerce, management, marketing, research, and more. But even businesses can’t escape the challenges of finding the right network for their enterprise. Considerations usually include costs, coverage, etc. And with technologies becoming more advanced and accessible, a new solution is at play: Business Internet.

What is Business Internet?

So what exactly is business internet? Business internet refers to the internet connection service provided by carriers and networks dedicated to enterprises and their internet applications for business.

What differentiates business internet from other connections, such as residential internet, is its speed. Business internet typically is capable of faster upload and download speeds and offers more features. For instance, additional VoIP phone services.

Can’t I Use a Regular Internet Plan?

For those wondering why regular internet plans can get the job done, as mentioned, most service providers offer commercial internet connections at different rates and speed tiers. While residential internet services may come at a cheaper price, business internet plans usually come with more benefits suited for enterprise needs.

Especially for business operations that heavily rely on the internet, the bandwidth and limitations of a regular internet plan will most likely affect online activities. A connection designed for around a few users might not be able to deliver the same performance with twice the amount of devices in the network.

What Does Business Internet Offer?

Every business internet plan varies depending on the provider and their tiers. However, one benefit that business internet plans provide is parity or a greater balance between upload and download speeds. While streaming content such as movies requires quick download speeds, content creation and sharing media with clients requires greater upload speeds.

In addition, business internet plans often come with a service-level agreement (SLA) contract to maintain high-performance standards within the network, whereas most residential connections receive less predetermined or established best-effort services from providers.

The importance of using the right internet plan can be easily overlooked especially for smaller enterprises. However, the right business internet plan provides the necessary speeds, customer service, and features for your enterprise needs.

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