Going Wireless For Business

Selecting your connection for your enterprise is a key element to your daily operations. With business internet plans coming in a variety of offerings, the next question to ask is whether your network requires a wired or wireless connection. While wired networks are the more traditional approach, selecting a wireless connection has significant benefits for businesses.

Wireless Won’t Tie You Down

One of the most obvious advantages of going wireless is the mobility it enables. Without wires needing to be plugged in, businesses can set up their network in almost any location with 5G/LTE or satellite connectivity. This provides coverage for on-the-move enterprises or temporary office spaces.

Additionally, many enterprises adopt a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy, causing the number of devices within a network to fluctuate daily. Using a wireless connection is more ready to cater to this workplace setting.

Bending Without Breaking the Bank

Similarly, using a wireless network enables enterprises to scale their business at their own pace, without compromise. Devices and technologies can easily be added into the network without as little additional infrastructure as possible.

In addition, reports over the years have shown the trend of connectivity costs decreasing per gigabyte. More carriers and providers are providing different tiers of 5G/LTE business internet plans. If not as a primary source of data, 5G/LTE is becoming the next trend in failover connectivity as a more affordable alternative for cable.

The Right Router for the Right Plan

Business internet plans, wired or wireless, can’t deliver its benefits to enterprises without hardware capable of the same throughput and speeds.

From Peplink, the MAX BR1 Pro 5G is the perfect sub-thousand pound router to pair with a 5G/LTE business internet plan, housing the new generation multi-core CPU ensuring the delivery of every gigabit. While the BR1 Pro 5G’s features are fit for several network demands, its slim form factor is ready for any workplace – mobile or stationary.

Source: Peplink.com

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