Head in the Cloud

Hands up if you’ve ever sent a fax?  Keep your hands up if you still regularly do so…. I bet there aren’t many of you. 

Along with good old-fashioned phone calls (and yes, sometimes fax!), now it’s email, instant messaging, SMS, conference calling, video calling, web chat, social and apps that are the everyday communication tools of choice.  Advances in technology has transformed how businesses operate over the last decade, and with the shift towards cloud hosted services, the freedom to choose how and where you work is greater than ever. 

Essential to cloud-based working is great connectivity with built-in resilience, and smart unified communication systems.  Have these in place and, armed with just a laptop and phone, you can work anywhere; collaborate with anyone.

At Grapevine, we live and breathe technology – not only is it what we “do”, it’s in our DNA.  We’ve been fully immersed in cloud-based working since it’s infancy, and we practice what we preach…  With the right connectivity and secure private-cloud infrastructures in place, we work just as well in the office, at home, on customer sites or indeed halfway across the world.

Communication technology is making the world a smarter, smaller, more connected place.  Put simply, the sky is not the limit for those who embrace the cloud.