Overcoming Rural Internet Challenges

We love it when a customer asks us to overcome a connectivity challenge; our friends at Carpenter Oak, who create beautiful oak-framed buildings, certainly had a major rural internet issue…

The problem they were constantly battling with was internet connectivity to support the growing number of office staff at their main yard in the South Hams, Devon. Standard ADSL was beyond poor, FTTC was not available, and the installation costs of a leased line were predicted to be in the tens of thousands. Because of this, they were running internet for the whole site over a single 4G SIM, which was not delivering the necessary speeds, and was also capped at certain download allowances.  They asked us to see how this could be improved.

At Grapevine we like to think out of the box a little, so proposed a point to point wireless solution. Click here to read more about it in our case study.

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