Peplink Emergency Services Network

Purpose-Built for Public Safety

Peplink has three routers certified for use in the UK’s Emergency Services Network (ESN): the HD2 MBX, the HD4 MBX, and the BR1 ESN.

Peplink Emergency Services Network (ESN) is a certification for Peplink routers that are approved for use in UK’s Emergency Services Network (ESN), which is a new communications system for the country’s fleet of first responder and emergency service vehicles.

The benefits of Peplink ESN routers include:

  • Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology to combine ESN and commercial links into an unbreakable VPN connection that stays up even if a link goes down.
  • Stream HD video back to headquarters, extend 2-way radio networks, and support multiple WAN technologies.
  • Rugged, small, and low-power devices that can be easily deployed and managed.

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