Coronavirus and Business Continuity Planning

With the ever increasing likelihood that UK businesses will be experiencing severe disruption due to Coronavirus, the importance of business contingency planning is high on the agenda.


Critical to keeping your business running as smoothly as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak will be communication platforms between co-workers and customers.  Being able to call, chat, and video/audio conference will keep your teams working as effectively behind closed doors at home as in the office.

If you don’t have a cloud based phone system already in place, Grapevine Connect can get you up and running in next to no-time.

With our 3CX Phone System, your business can run on soft phones from PCs or through the 3CX mobile app on your android or iPhone.  And we can do all of this remotely, so no need for an engineering visit.

This is how we do it….

1.  We create your own instance of 3CX Phone System in our secure cloud environment

2  You download the 3CX app on your Smartphone and/or desktop

3.  We divert your existing phone numbers

4  You’re all set!  Make/receive calls to your extension as if you were in the office.  Transfer calls to colleagues, retrieve voicemail, chat through IM or collaborate through the WebRTC facility

Call us today on 01392 345678 to keep your business running from home