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3CX is an open-platform, software VoIP phone system that works with popular IP Phones and SIP trunks whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Offering a complete Unified Communications solution with advanced features, 3CX is more than just your average business telephone system. Simple, affordable and flexible, 3CX eliminates the cost and management headaches of outdated, traditional phone systems or the limitations of shared cloud PBXs.

No matter how big or small your company is, the right Unified Communications solution can take your business communications to the next level, helping to improve collaboration, boost productivity, increase mobility and enhance the customer experience. 3CX’s UC functionality is inbuilt and included as standard on-premise or in the cloud, all on one user-friendly platform – no need to purchase add-ons or extras.

With 3CX’s modern, intuitive VoIP softphone and smartphone apps, users have instant access to communication tools such as status, instant messaging, web conferencing, the ability to chat & talk with website visitors, fax & voicemail to email and more.

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Being a software only VoIP PBX that runs on Windows or Linux server, 3CX has a number of advantages over other business VoIP phone systems.

Unencumbered as by any hardware appliance limitations, 3CX comes with all of the business phone system features that you will need including but not limited to:


  • Support for an unlimited number of extensions of mixed vendor and model VoIP handsets
  • Call logging
  • Call reporting
  • Call transfer (blind and attended)
  • Call forwarding (on busy, no answer)
  • Call routing
  • Conference calling
  • Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail (and voicemail to email)
  • Music on hold
  • Intercom
  • Paging
  • Full call centre features including, queues, listen in, barge in, wallboards and advanced queue management

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Like every other phone system provider you will meet, we have a preferred VoIP PBX (in our case 3CX) that we recommend to our clients. However unlike most of our competitors, we intentionally took the decision to pick a phone system that is actively disrupting our industry – this is why… 



Since 3CX only do software, they have made 3CX hardware agnostic. This means that 3CX can work with nearly all modern VoIP handsets, gateways and other SIP standards based hardware.

Rapid feature development and release

As a software only product, all of 3CX’s engineering resource is focused on new feature development, and since it’s just another windows application, it can be upgraded quickly and easily.

Really easy to manage

Use the included web management interface to manage your phone system from anywhere. 3CX can auto provision handsets from most major vendors making the deployment of 3CX (and subsequent extension configuration, additions and moves) really easy.


It’s just another application

Use existing Windows or Linux servers, and management tools to manage your phone system, making backups and restores of your business communications as easy to perform as any other application on your network.

Use VoIP/SIP trunks from any provider

Since 3CX supports the industry standard SIP protocol, it can connect to all major SIP trunk providers. Grapevine can help you migrate your existing landline numbers to SIP releasing your numbers from a physical line into your premises providing you with the ability to get your phones back up and running fast in the event of a disaster or loss of service.


Unified Communications Ready

3CX has been built from the ground up to support Unified communications, with mobile presence, a dedicated smartphone app for making and receiving calls and incoming fax and voice mail to email.

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