From Local to Global; the rise of the Micro-National

Once upon a time, a global company was the domain of corporate giants.  But thanks to communication technology, there’s a new kind of global business in town.  All hail the rise of the Micro-National.

Local business is great, it’s the backbone of our economy.  But unless small businesses are willing to make significant investment, many are restricted in growth.  However, with low-cost new technology, the opportunities for local business to operate in much the same way as a larger company is huge.

The key is having the right communication tools in place, to break down barriers that local businesses face in reaching a national or global market:

  • Keep it personal. People like dealing with people – that’s one of the key strengths of a local business.  With a webchat platform, you can chat, make/receive audio calls or video calls with your customers, straight from your website to anyone in the world.
  • Be contactable – anytime, anywhere. With a unified communications phone system, and cloud based IT systems, have access to everything you need wherever you are and call/chat/email with anyone, anywhere.
  • Work local, think global. With audio and web conferencing you can still be ‘face-to-face’ without having to be geographically close.  Get the connectivity right to ensure things go smoothly

At Grapevine, we have a whole host of connectivity and communication solutions.  As a Micro-National ourselves, why not see what we can do for you?