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What is Peplink?

Peplink is a leading SD-WAN technology provider. Leveraging the power of innovative 4G and 5G LTE routers and modems, the Power-of-Peplink delivers unrivalled VPN-Bonding, Load Balancing, networking and connectivity solutions for businesses across every specialised sector.

As a Certified Gold Peplink Partner and Authorised eTailer, Grapevine supplies Peplink to businesses throughout the UK.  And as a Speedfusion Alliance Member, we also offer Peplink SD-WAN as a service, for you to take advantage of Peplink’s amazing FusionHub and SpeedFusion products without having to set up your own cloud server infrastructure.


What is Peplink FusionHub?

FusionHub is the virtual SpeedFusion appliance from Peplink. With FusionHub, you can establish SpeedFusion connections between our cloud server and physical Peplink devices.


What is FusionHub Solo?

SpeedFusion technology needs at least two SpeedFusion devices/peers to work. But what if you only have a single device? Enter the FusionHub Solo! With this license, you can take full advantage of SpeedFusion using just one Peplink device. Best of all, the Solo license is free of charge and permanent.

The FusionHub Solo brings SpeedFusion to your mobile or small branch office without the need for additional hardware. Grapevine Connect can install and maintain your instance on our dedicated architecture which means you can sit back and experience unbreakable connectivity with unparalleled speed using bandwidth bonding.

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Our Peplink Certifications

Why use Peplink FusionHub?


Bandwidth Bonding

Connect to your cloud server with the combined speed of all your WAN links. Enjoy faster internet access by using our data centres high-throughput connectivity.

Remote Streaming: Stream videos and transfer large files quickly, even in remote areas with limited Internet access.

Combine Different Sources: DSL, MPLS, 3G, 4G LTE: use them all together to increase your bandwidth.


Session Persistence

Combine any type of connection from multiple ISPs to create a highly available connection between your device and your FusionHub. This connection will provide unbreakable VPN.

Packet-Level Seamless Failover: Even when a WAN link fails, your sessions will stay active. VoIP calls will continue without interruption.

Cellular Backup Connections: Set bandwidth-limited links (3G/4G LTE) to perform hot failover in case your primary link fails.

Our Data Facility

  • Securely hosted in dual geographically diverse UK data centres with full resiliency built in as standard
  • Tier 4 aligned
  • 24/7/365 onsite security team onsite security team, secure perimeter fencing, HD digital CCTV with 90-day retention, full access control and audit trail. All security staff are SIA (Security Industry Authority) approved and registered.
  • BS 7858 (British Standard 7858 for all staff) BPSS (All staff are vetted to the Baseline Personnel Security Standard), ISO 27001.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and easy to understand pricing model with no hidden costs
  • Pay as You Grow Pricing. Save on initial capital expenditures. Grow your network affordably.
  • Fast setup service
  • Includes free remote support (1hr per month)
  • You have full access to your own instance that is not shared with other customers
  • Access to instance via privately hosted InControl application to ensure security
  • All instances are supplied with unlimited bandwidth limitations (unless using the free solo license which offers 100Mbps).

How Much Does FusionHub Cost?

SD-WAN as a Service

  • One-off Licence Fee of £95 per peer
  • Monthly Rental of £10 per peer
  • Includes 100Gb of data transfer per FusionHub
  • Additional data transfer is charged incrementally at £0.60 per Gb

FusionHub Solo

  • No Licence Fee
  • Monthly Rental of £10 includes 50Gb of data transfer
  • Additional data transfer is charged incrementally at £0.60 per Gb

 Where you can use Peplink and Pepwave Technology

Peplink serves a number of enterprise industries such as; hospitality, healthcare, education, retail, finance, construction and utilities, as well as mobility and specialised market industries within transportation, maritime, broadcasting and first response units/public safety.


Social media, streaming services and apps are increasing bandwidth demand day-by-day; how are you meeting the connectivity demands of your visitors, guests and patrons?

No matter your connectivity challenges, Grapevine can design a specialised Peplink setup  for your business, that helps you meet the modern internet and bandwidth demand whilst minimising your connectivity costs.


View Peplink Design for Hospitality 


To meet the rapidly expanding digital transformation within the Healthcare sector, through Peplink, Grapevine can provide you with specialised healthcare connectivity equipment for SD-WAN, communications between units, fail-over and more.

View Peplink Design for Healthcare


Online and virtual teaching has boomed as digital technologies continue to evolve, and as such seamless teaching or lecture sessions are a must.

Grapevine has a full range of SD-WAN for schools and campuses at a fraction of the cost of traditional WANs.

View Peplink Design for Schools


Grapevine deploys connectivity solutions for construction businesses throughout the UK, to support large file transfers, CCTV, IoT, Wi-Fi and overall operations.

Rugged networking solutions for homebuilders and contractors alike are a necessity and we are here to deliver – from Rugged Routers to Fixed IP Sims, unlimited data and more.

View Peplink Design for Construction


Dependable internet solutions and connectivity from coast-to-coast can be a challenge; boat manufacturers, Yacht IT and Technology designers consistently look to overcome the challenges of maintaining reliable 3G and 4G at sea for yacht crew and frequent boat users.

From Super Yacht to Industrial ships and boats, Grapevine Connect supplies VPN-Bonding, Load Balancing and failover solutions to the maritime industry world-wide.

View Peplink Design for Sea Vessels


As content and live streaming demands continue to boom, through Peplink, Grapevine designs and supplies multi-sim routers, Load-Balancing and VPN-Bonding solutions, perfect for HD Video streaming – ensuring smooth and lag free broadcasting transmissions anywhere, at any time.

View Peplink Design for Broadcasting

Media & Film

High speed, no-hassle networking products for the creative industries.

From print, web design, film production, or digital photography, Grapevine Connect can deliver high speed, low frustration networking through the Power-of-Peplink.

View Peplink Design for Media & Film

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      Peplink & Pepwave FAQ
      What is SD-WAN

      Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a virtual networking architecture that securely connects users within a network to applications. Read More here 

      How do you bond two LTE Connections with Peplink?

      To effectively bond LTE or 4G connections, you will need two Peplink devices, at either end of your setup, a FusionHub setup and speedfusion licences for each device
      to bond the connections.

      What is Peplink Balance?

      Peplink Balance is a series of SD-WAN routers from Peplink,
      you can view the product range here

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