Peplink SD Switch

Scalable remote management for your local network.

Peplink SD Switch is a scalable LAN management solution that allows you to remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and configure your local network using Peplink’s InControl cloud platform. Simply plug in a USB dongle for out-of-band management.

The benefits of Peplink SD Switch include:

  • Supports PoE+ output on all ports, enabling you to power various devices such as cameras, access points, and phones.
  • High-capacity uplinks with SFP and SFP+ ports, providing fast and reliable connectivity to your core network.
  • Supports out-of-band management with a USB dongle, allowing you to access the switch even if the main network is down.
  • It has a rugged and fanless design for industrial environments, withstanding extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust.

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