Flying Fish Seafoods – Hosted 3CX Telephone System

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Flying Fish Seafoods Ltd has been supplying the best seafood in the British Isles to the UK’s best chefs since 2006. The business is very past paced as phone orders are taken from 6 am, right through to mid-afternoon. During this time, a dedicated team of sales staff call all their customers to get the kitchens orders for that day and the following. Because of this, the phones are the sole source of income generation in the business, this means they must work 100% of the time.

Flying Fish had a problem in that their existing telephone system was not scalable and didn’t give the features that they required along with options for resiliency. They contacted Grapevine Connect to present a solution. This solution had to be scalable as the business was expanding and most importantly gave a quality of service that was second to none.

Grapevine proposed the installation of our 3CX hosted telephone system. This was the perfect fit as the 3CX licensing model is based on simultaneous calls and not handset user licenses. Therefore, the business could expand without the additional costs of licenses each time they wanted to add another extension to the system. Here is an over view of what Grapevine provided:

  • Two dedicated voice only FTTC connections with different carriers to ensure segregation and full carrier resiliency.
  • A Peplink Balance router with SpeedFusion technology which bonded both connections together to create a secure 256-Bit encrypted VPN connection back to our 3CX data centre.
  • In addition to a Tier1 SIP trunk carrier, a secondary carrier was provided so that if calls to the primary carrier failed, calls could be routed via the secondary carrier.
  • Two geographically diverse datacentres with failover protocols between themselves.

This all might sound expensive but Grapevine provided all of the above setup whilst remaining within budget and also delivering cost savings on call costs and rentals.

Grapevine provided all of the services and setup required by the client whilst staying within budget – we also delivered cost savings on call costs and rentals.


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