Eurotech – Structured Cabling

A Network Cabling Installation to Optimise Business Network Infrastructure and Enable CCTV.

  • Cat5e Cabling

  • CCTV Camera Cabling & Setup

  • Comm’s room & Data Cabinet setup

Eurotech, a leading manufacturer and supplier of printed circuit boards, recently approached us about a cabling project to upgrade their existing network cabling infrastructure throughout their premises. Alongside this, a surveillance system utilising pre-purchased IP camera’s required installing through cabling & mounting.

Structured cabling consists of the entire hardware and cabling infrastructure throughout a business; the setup of the hardware and cabling to and from the comm’s room throughout the building to respective devices. It is essential that these wires and cables are structured efficiently, to reduce safety hazards and comply with safety regulations, as well as improve efficiency of the businesses networking: improving file sharing speeds, server performance and stress on bandwidth as well as reduce overheads throughout the entire comm’s setup. Aesthetically, it has a strong professional appeal.

Following a full site survey to underline the specifics of the job we begun drawing up plans for camera locations and planning the structure of the cabling from the comm’s room throughout the building. As our engineers have ladder training and IPAF cards, we can utilise high access equipment, which comes in handy in larger setups such as these.

For this project we deployed Cat5e cabling; rated higher than DCa or Eca cabling, the necessary camera cabling was installed from the main cabinet to various locations and also included a face-lift on some of the previously installed cabling. We were able to deliver a comprehensive cabling system to and from the main comm’s room, completing a robust and high-performance telecoms framework for the business to run its communications and connectivity off of and improve day-today business operations.

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A successful structured cabling system should be robust with predictable performance, as well as being flexible enough to incorporate offices moves, upgrades and changes.

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