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NG Bailey is a family-owned business with a proud heritage and a proven track record of achievement. These strengths have spearheaded the elevation of their business into the largest independent engineering, construction and services company in the UK. Due to the wide variety and nature of their projects, connectivity on site is an absolute must. Engineers, planners and site managers must be able to access the latest, up to date, plans and information at the drop of a hard hat.

At the same time, due to some of the projects and work that NG Bailey undertake, standard broadband and connectivity is just not available. This then presents a problem. Do the site managers carry on without connectivity and hope they are making the best of what they have? Or do they solve the problem? Enter Grapevine Connect.

Over the past few years, Grapevine have been providing temporary internet solutions to the trade and to some of the UK’s largest housebuilders. In order for NG Bailey to see the product in the flesh, Grapevine sent a couple of our boxes for a trial run. The result, NG Bailey can now get connected no matter where in the country their next project is located. They have even used one of our cloud cases in a basement where standard mobile signal was not available!

Due to our passion for connectivity, we have researched and found the best possible combination of products including external/internal antenna so that the strongest possible cellular internet connection can be obtained. Paired with the amazing Peplink Balance & Pepwave MAX product range, we have been able to solve NG Baileys connectivity issues at the same time as upholding their existing IT infrastructure and security measures.


Central Hub Solution

Historically, NG Bailey have used a mix and match of solutions for their site connectivity ranging from complex and expensive installations of leased lines through to a very basic high street USB mobile dongle. These services all came with their own issues but one key requirement is ensuring that their IT team can expand the corporate network from headquarters, out to all the remote site offices. This enables the managers and project leaders to not only access the necessary information but to also keep the company updated with site progress which is vital so that the company can make the necessary high-level corporate decisions.

Grapevine Connects solution also helped to reduce a great financial expense, allowing NG to cut back on the exorbitant costs of their previous networking solution. Not to mention the time and resources saved as previously their IT engineering team had to visit each and every site throughout the country to set up and configure the necessary solution.

We a versatile VPN solution that easily integrates into the company’s existing data centre network. The beauty of this technology is that it only requires software and licensing; it can grow, and also shrink, depending on the current needs of the company on a month by month basis.

Remote Sites

Now that the centralised hub is sorted, we move to the remote sites. Under our complete managed service when a new construction site becomes live, Grapevine pre-configures a new device and dispatch it to site. The site manager only needs to plugs the device in and it will automatically connect to the cellular networks to establish an internet connection. Then, using pre-defined configuration, the remote device creates a 256-Bit AES encrypted VPN connection back to the corporate headquarters. DNS and other IP addressing is pulled down through the tunnel and the remote site is instantly able to connect to all the needed corporate resources as if they are sat in the company office.

Each construction site presents its own challenges and we pride ourselves on helping you to overcome any for reliable internet and networking connectivity.

Get in touch with us today and we’d be happy to help you design a complete managed service that works for every site in your portfolio.



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We have been able to solve NG Baileys connectivity issues at the same time as upholding their existing IT infrastructure and security measures.


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