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Redrow London

The Internet Solution

With a week to go till their big move to a new office premise, and the news that their existing fixed line internet would not be moved in time, Redrow had a critical business connectivity issue.

Along with the time constraint in moving their internet connection, the new office location also presented some additional challenges in the way of 4G coverage, so conventional 4G Internet solutions would not suffice. After conducting a remote survey on existing coverage in the area we confirmed there was zero mobile coverage in the building, but our engineers had a solution…

Our solution was to combine two 4G connections on two respective networks and boost the signal through high-gain technology.

We proceeded with installing the 4G connections. A High Gain antenna was placed above ground and cabled back into the office. Both connections were then linked back to our Dual Balance technology to load balance the connections effectively and provide fail over in the event that one connection should drop. This meant we could essentially provide a single internet gateway fusing two 4G connections, and provide additional stability in the event that one of the connections dropped in performance.

The result? Redrow had a working connection within hours.

The Cabling

To support the internet connection installation we had to ensure that their network infrastructure was as effective as possible and began running tests on the existing Cat5e cabling installed by electricians. Identifying some room for improvement we relocated the existing IT equipment including: routers, WiFi access points & cabinets and linked it to the existing cabling before ensuring everything was working smoothly by additional tests.

With some smart engineering and our great partner technology we were able to overcome the time constraint in delivering reliable business connectivity in a challenging location and ensure our clients cabling and data needs were taken care of in the process.

To ensure you don’t get stuck in the dark ages, Grapevine Connect can design a bespoke connectivity solution for your business today whilst ensuring your IT infrastructure and cabling is optimal to maximise data and networking capabilities. 


Cabled internet delays could provide some real issues for your business’s connectivity and impact not only operations but your customer acquisition and retention.

If your business is experiencing problems securing reliable 4G internet coverage because of your office location, you may be left scratching your head.

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